Lighting for Gardens
"You can keep it simple..."

"You can keep it simple, or you can choose from the extensive range of switches, sensors and controllers to achieve just about anything you want. And you can do it without having to rip up your garden to put new cables in."

Philip Milner, Tech Sales Manager,
Lighting For Gardens

“It’s very well thought out…”

"As a garden lighting designer and installer the Light Symphony range of products has made my life very easy. It is very well thought out and made and its add-ons are excellent. Important for my business is also the ease of use for the customer with very well thought out and presented literature. Technical backup, if required, is 1st class as you talk to the person who designed and built it, for us on site that's very important."

Paul Naylor, Director Greenlite Ltd

The Gardiner UK
“The timer function is especially great…”

"Light Symphony products are truly amazing simply because of their versatility. With Light Symphony's control system I can make all my customers happy by providing exactly what they want at an affordable cost. The "Timer function" is especially great as it auto adjusts for daily DUSK and DAWN times. The whole system can provide a range of very useful functions from the very simple remote switching to the most advanced controls using the smartphone apps."

Rasika B Athauda, Engineer,
The Gardiner UK Limited

"..without doubt the best remote control available."

"We use Light Symphony because of its ease of installation, the ability to ‘add’ to the system and the flexibility this offers our customers. Light Symphony is without doubt the best remote control available."

David Haslehurst, MD, Moonlight Design Ltd

Garden Lighting Design
“..extremely useful..”

"I specify Light Symphony because of its versatility in its functions which is extremely useful in the design of lighting schemes and for its reliability which is paramount for the end user."

Dave Milsom, GLI design

iP-Xchange Ltd
"..easy to use and expand.."

"Running a seven acre estate with multiple areas we find Light Symphony invaluable for controlling the lighting zones from the estate office. We found it easy to install, easy to use and easy to expand when new facilities were required. The smartphone app is great and its FREE!"

Kevin Winstanley,
Director, iP-Xchange Ltd

"Quite simply Light Symphony is better than anything else..."

"Quite simply Light Symphony is better than anything else on the market, in fact there isn’t another product that comes near to competing! Its wide spectrum of products caters for all budgets. I have been recommending their products for 7 years and will continue to do so."

Richard Garland, LIGHTSCAPE UK

"Easy to install"

“I use Light Symphony because it is the only system with the versatility for the ultimate garden lighting automation. Easy to install & maintain, whilst reliable.”

Darren Bethell-Hobbs

"..a joy in fact to work with."

Many thanks for the quick turnaround on delivery I received my order today! l love the 4 channel version and the single channel is spot on with the IP68 rating, I love it. Installed the 2-Channel today, went in fine and dandy. Great space internally for 3x SWA's, a joy in fact to work with. Powered up, batteries in, lights on. Seamless. Thank you.

Fraser Smith, Custom240

Light IQ Ltd
“..hassle free installation..”

“Light Symphony provides our clients with ease of use, fun graphics, hassle free installation and a very personal service. That is why we will continue to recommend it’s products”

Rebecca Weir, Design Director, Light IQ Ltd

Electric Lighting Co.
"For range, power and reliability - nothing touches it."

"I've been using Light Symphony for 10 years and the core principles of quality and service have run through every version of the product. Its attractiveness is its versatility. Its works great in a small garden and will expand to cover acres of complicated, manicured garden. Clients are constantly impressed because it distils the most complicated gardens to the simplest of controls and perhaps most importantly of all - its reliable. For range, power and reliability - nothing touches it."

Steve Logan, Electric Lighting Co.

“..both reliable yet affordable.”

"We use Light Symphony as their products allow us to offer our customers exciting, innovative garden lighting which is both reliable yet affordable"

David Steel
Extrelec Services Ltd

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