RGB/W Lighting Controller

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• IP66 Tuff ABS enclosure
• RGB or RGBW compatible
• Compatible with most RGB(W) LEDs including Collingwood and LuxR range
• 16 colours with smooth mixing
• Built-in colour-blender
• Control with iPhone, Key Fob, Timer & Wireless Switch
• Operates wirelessly (requires only a mains supply)
• Fast, Lid-On programming


The colour LED controller provides simple, long-range wireless control over colour-change LEDs, while being seamlessly compatible with Light Symphony's non-LED controllers.

It can drive a wide range of LEDs in conjunction with the appropriate drivers and can be configured as part of a lighting group (zone) or scene, with 29 memories and a master on/off. The wireless control allows multiple units to synchronise colours without wiring over a wide area.

Features include soft on/off, dimming and complete compatibility with Light Symphony's range of controllers.

Up to 10 drivers can be driven from the same controller to increase power output.

Unit provides DMX output for connection to compatible drivers, see below.

Part No. LS306XXXRGB

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