Why Use Light Symphony 

'Installation' Benefits

Light Symphony's robust (1 km range) wireless system provides complete control whilst reducing and simplifying outdoor cabling. It allows circuits to be controlled without having to trench individual cables back to the house.


Flexible & Affordable

Light Symphony can uniquely scale up from a small project as shown above, to very large schemes, simply by adding additional Lighting Control Modules.


Getting Started

All you need to start controlling your lighting system is a 'Lighting Controller' plus one transmitter, like a key fob, long range remote or smartphone/tablet.




How it Works

Light Symphony offers a wide selection of remote controls (A) to send commands wirelessly to outdoor Lighting Controllers (B). The Lighting Controllers connect directly the outdoor lighting (C) or other electrical device.



Additional Features

As well as those already described, Light Symphony has many additional features including:- 

  • Use Any Lights - Light Symphony can operate with any lighting type, including Low Voltage, Halogen, Discharge and LED.
  • Areas - you can switch up to 29 different areas. 
  • Zones - for larger gardens, 'Areas' can be grouped together into 'Zones' so that a single button can switch a whole section of the garden.
  • Automation - lights can be triggered from external systems such as electric gates to automatically illuminate areas as you leave or arrive (requires a Light Symphony Gate Interface or a Light Symphony Driveway Beam Sensor).
  • Light Show - when activated it automatically controls your lighting to create a stunning performance of moving light and shadows (requires a Light Symphony Base Station).
  • iSymphony - allows you to control your lighting system using your smartphones or tablets (requires a Light Symphony iPort Interface).