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Iport UPGRADE For Alexa/ Google

To Upgrade Pre Sept 2018 units

Price (ex VAT):£46.24




  • Control your lighting by using Alexa or Google voice commands
  • You can still override Alexa or Google by using our Light Symphony Key Fobs / Remote Controls / Smartphones / Wireless Wall Switches



If you have an existing I-PORT then it can be returned to us to be made 'Alexa and Google-Ready".

By selecting this item you are paying for an upgrade to your existing hardware.

Please allow 7-10 days for your item to be returned.

We'll email you a returns label, please package up your iPort, attached the label and drop it at any post box or post office. There is no need to include the yellow cable, power adaptor or aerial, we only need the iPort box itself.

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