Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

PIR Motion Sensor

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  • IP 55
  • Adjustable 1 - 15 minutes
  • 1000 meter range
  • Does not over-ride user's control
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Mains powered
  • Adjustable both horizontally and vertically


The wireless PIR sensor can be programmed to trigger the whole garden or an individual 'Area' for a pre-set time. Any number of PIR's can be installed together and will not over-ride the user's control or each other, i.e. if the lights have been switched on manually, a triggered PIR sensor will not switch them off.

It is mains powered for zero maintenance and transmits wirelessly to Lighting Control Modules, Base Stations and Signal Repeaters.

The PIR contains an adjustable 'dusk' sensor to prevent lighting triggers during the day. It can be quickly programmed before installation using the internal dip switches.

Part No. LS30070PIR


NOTE: The PIR is factory programmed to trigger the ‘whole’ garden but can easily be re-configured to trigger a single zone or group of lighting.

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