2-Channel Lighting Controller

Switch & Dim
4-Channel Mini Controller

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  • • IP66 Tuff ABS enclosure
  • • Compatible with all lighting types
  • • Output 1 & 2 Switched or Dimmable
  • • Rated 1Kw per output including smooth on/off option
  • • Or fully user-dimmable at 500W per output
  • • Earth bonding metal chassis
  • • Operates wirelessly (requires only a mains supply)
  • • Rugged, separately fused outputs
  • • Fast, Lid-On programming


The Lighting Control Module provides 2 wirelessly controllable outputs each rated at 1Kw and suitable for all load types. It provides flexible control for any lighting circuit or pump and is quickly configurable as a simple switch, group (zone) or scene controller, with 29 memories and a master on/off.

Outputs 1 & 2 can be programmed as a switched or dimmable. The dimming mode provides a soft-on, soft-off feature with filament pre-heating, which can greatly increase lamp life. User-dimming is available on output 1 and can be enabled on output 2 if the load is limited to 500W per channel.

The separately fused outputs are fully protected against over current and over temperature.

The built-in signal-strength indicator, zero-volt mains switching and power-on surge protection all enhance reliability. Lid-on programming speeds commissioning and reduces the risk of water ingress.

Control via a Light Symphony Key Fob, Remote Control, Wireless Wall Switch, Smart Phone App (via an I-Port), Touchscreen, or Alexa (Via an i_Port). You can mix and match which controls you use. 

Part No. LS30500LCM


Ground Spike Kit - galvanised steel spikes can be fitted to the Lighting Control Module to provide a convenient ground mounting method. Click here for details.






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