RGB/W Lighting Controller

Colour LED Controller

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  • • IP66 Tuff ABS enclosure
  • • RGB or RGBW compatible 
  • • Compatible with most RGB(W) LEDs including Collingwood and LuxR range
  • • 16 colours with smooth mixing
  • • Built-in colour-blender
  • • Control with iPhone, Key Fob, Touch-Panel, Timer & Wireless Switch
  • • Operates wirelessly (requires only a mains supply)
  • • Fast, Lid-On programming


The colour LED controller provides simple, long-range wireless control over colour-change LEDs, while being seamlessly compatible with Light Symphony's non-LED controllers.

It can drive a wide range of LEDs in conjunction with the appropriate drivers and can be configured as part of a lighting group (zone) or scene, with 29 memories and a master on/off. The wireless control allows multiple units to synchronise colours without wiring over a wide area.

Features include soft on/off, dimming and complete compatibility with Light Symphony's range of controllers.

Up to 10 drivers can be driven from the same controller to increase power output.

Options available:

          • No driver
          • 350mA driver (30W)
          • 12V driver (85W)
          • 24V driver (55W)


Dimmable RGB Drivers - For additional driver here for details.







Ground Spike Kit - galvanised steel spikes can be fitted to the Lighting Control Module to provide a convenient ground mounting method. Click here for details.






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