Timer (Astronomical)

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  • • Battery protected clock
  • • Calculates astronomical sunset and sunrise times
  • • Up to 6 Independant timers
  • • Colour Light Show controller
  • • Signal booster (model LS30900BSR6 only)
  • • Operates wirelessly (requires only a mains supply)


The Timer unit is an optional addition, which expands the features of a Light Symphony system.

It's a clock and up six intelligent timers adjusting for dusk and dawn time throughout the year, providing perfect automated control. The built-in light show provides wireless synchronisation of colour LED lights to create a stunning performance of moving light and shadow.

The 6-zone version includes a signal booster which echoes wireless commands received from any handset, to increase the operating range and guarantee reliability.

Part No. LS30900BSR1 (includes 1 timer)
Part No. LS30900BSR6 (includes 6 timers + signal repeater) 

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