Low Voltage (12V)

  • Ideal for areas where safety is important - e.g. Flower beds, ponds or where gardeners dig
  • Requires a 12V driver



  • LEDs are wired in parallel
  • Total LED wattage must not exceed driver’s rating, e.g. max of six 6W LEDs on a 40W driver
  • Up to three 40W drivers can be mounted inside a 4-channel controller



6w Warm White Dimmable



Example:  Drivers mounted in separate enclosures

Small enclosure
Large enclosure

12W Dimmable Driver

40W Dimmable Driver

84W Dimmable Driver

  • Do buy LED lamps from us, we have tested many and these work best with our controllers
  • Use 'Trailing Edge' compatible drivers only
  • Don’t dim non-dimmable LEDs

12V Dimmable Drivers

Controller Starter

Channel Controllers
1 or 2 or 4

Small   Large

Remote Controls
Key Fob or Smartphone 
or Long Range


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